British Rail Posters


Just a few of posters from my collection.

Sealink Coaster


Lovely four colour print for a British Rail Sealink promotional coaster.

British Airways Corporate Graphics


If my information is correct, British Airways introduced this identity designed by Landor in December 1984 which lasted until June 1997.

The Landor Guidelines are in full here.

British Rail disposable cups


On the subject of the British Rail identity in application. Two examples here, one done relatively well and one not so good.

British Rail Design Book


In some ways I think this book is a lot more interesting then the actual the British Rail (BR) corporate identity manuals. The manuals are great as you can see all the care and detail that BR put into keeping a strong and consistent image. However, this book shows all the hard work of the manuals in action, it shows the corporate identity used in the real applications.

As well as showing the graphic side of the identity, it also includes architectural and engineering solutions. These can often be over looked when talking about the identity of an organisation. It’s easy to just design a logo or mark and slap it on the side of a train or a building. British Rail cared a little more about it’s image, maybe a little too much.

GPO Keeping in touch poster


New acquisition.

What I like about this poster (I think dated 1951) is that the GPO are proudly showing their cooperation with another state-owned company (BEA). Today it seems that everything is subcontracted to private companies, there doesn’t seem to be any loyalty to try and support a sister organisation.

Anyway… Never mind… Nice poster though.